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Newest Arrivals

Scented Linen Sachets

Scented Linen Sachets

Use as an air freshener for your closet or car—or tuck into drawers and travel bags to scent linens and clothes.

Candle Lids

Candle Lids

Use this versatile accessory as a snuffer, coaster, or cover for your repurposed vessels. Available in Classic and Signature sizes.

Absolute Diffuser Refills

Absolute Diffuser Refills

Our Absolute diffuser fragrances are now available as refills.

Source & Story

Source and Story Collection

Captures the spirit of our artisans and the places they call home. Crafted with distinct heritage ingredients, each fragrance is an unparalleled sensory experience.


Have you ever wondered about the details that go into candle manufacturing and distribution? Have you ever wondered what the difference between soy and parafin wax? What about the purity of ingredients of hand cream and liquid soap you're using?

Partner spotlight

Our partner of the month is Essentials! With a desire to bring customers products that make life more fun and exciting while also providing a sense of peace and pleasure, Essentials has been that for their customers for over 38 years. They carry a wide assortment of beautifully displayed LAFCO goods, with our Feu de Bois fragrance being a timeless staple.

Each month we highlight a different LAFCO Partner. For a chanced to be featured on our partner spotlight, email and tell us about your business.

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